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Wooden doors are one of the elements that need to be considered in every club. The wooden door can also reflect the status of the owner of the house because by looking at the ornaments and carvings on the main entrance. Although this custom has rarely been found, it can still be found in several regions in Indonesia.

As an element that provides a sense of security for homeowners, the selection of wood material for the door is absolutely considered. Various types of wood and materials such as PVC have been sold in the market.

How to Choose a Wooden Door

The wood door products that we sell, we pay close attention to the manufacturing process, from the selection of wood types to the finishing of the door itself. In addition, we also have a range of door products that vary for different types of rooms, for example bedroom door, main room wooden door and so on. In addition, the size also has quite a lot of variations from the standard size of 80x210 cm 90x210cm and even for larger sizes. The installation process also needs to be considered especially if the door is exposed to direct sunlight or directly exposed to rainfall. For outdoor areas as mentioned above, it is better to add additional layers of treatment such as protective paint and the like. This is intended to add durability and maintain the appearance of aesthetics for a long period of time.

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