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Distributor of cheap concrete iron

The use of concrete iron as a complement to the casting process. There are two types of concrete steel that are widely used in Indonesia, namely plain steel and screw concrete. plain concrete iron is designed with a smooth and smooth surface. This product is generally used as a complement to the series of concrete steel threaded. Our plain concrete iron has SNI TP24 standard which has been tested its compressive strength and tensile strength. In addition to plain concrete, we also sell high-quality concrete steel bars that you can rely on for your construction needs. Concrete steel iron has threaded characteristics on all surfaces, so it has high compressive strength. The use of concrete steel is adjusted to the needs of casting.

Almost all building construction requires concrete iron to support building foundry poles so that they are sturdy and able to support the burden of the building on it. This product has a diameter size varies for each type. We sell SNI concrete iron that meets TP24, TS35, TS40 standards that are recommended for your construction, both small and large scale.Discover the various needs of your construction concrete iron only to us and get the best prices for each of our superior products.

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